10 überzeugende Gründe für die Übersetzung Ihrer Website

Serving global customers online is a great way to grow your business… and localized websites are the best way to reach them.

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Dominic Dithurbide

07. April 2023


For most companies, a localized website is a must if they want to find new customers and retain existing ones. 

Why? It varies depending on industry, existing global market share, and other factors. But chances are there are at least a few great reasons to translate your website for multilingual and global customers. Here are 10:

1. Sie möchten die Reichweite Ihrer Marke erweitern.

Targeting multilingual and global markets is a great way to sustain company growth, and localized websites are the best way to reach them. They're key for: 

  • Drumming up brand awareness 
  • Educating potential customers, distributors, employees, or partners about your brand and its offerings 
  • And providing engaging customer experiences by serving new customers in their preferred languages 

Not sure you can handle a translation project while also focusing on your company's needs? Weigh the pros and cons of leveraging internal resources vs. partnering with a 3rd party for website translation. 

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2. Ihre Marke wird international bekannter.

Manchmal eilt Ihnen Ihr Ruf voraus und Ihre Marke findet sich unerwartet auf einem neuen Markt wieder. Sollten Sie ein nicht erwartetes, internationales Interesse an Ihren Produkten und Dienstleistungen feststellen, müssen Sie das Momentum nutzen und Ihre Website übersetzen. A survey conducted by the European Commission found that 90% of Internet users in the EU always visit websites in their own language when given the choice. This highlights the importance of translating website content into multiple languages to reach a wider audience and gives consumers a platform to directly engage with your brand.

3. Sie sind bereits auf internationalen Märkten tätig.

If you're already conducting business beyond your domestic market, it's best practice to provide localized information and support for international customers. Konsumenten sind deutlich eher kaufbereit, wenn sie die Produktbeschreibungen lesen, die Versand- und Zahlungsmethoden verstehen und in der bevorzugten Sprache Transaktionen tätigen können. 

So, what can you expect from translating for new markets? You'll be able to: 

  • Establish brand credibility and reputation in new market. Your global customers want to experience your brand in their own language. By helping them navigate your website more easily, they will trust that you have the expertise to provide them with the best outcome. 
  • Increase revenue and instantly expand your TAM (total addressable market). The total addressable market is the total revenue opportunity that is available to a business if 100% market share was achieved for a product or service. By translating your website, you can gain instant access to a broader addressable market for every language you offer. 
  • Recruit local talent. If your company wishes to establish itself in a new global market, you may need to employ local contractors or well-known figures. Translating your website means not only will you reach them, but they can also reach out to you about brand opportunities.

4. Ihre Konkurrenten sind (noch) nicht auf dem Markt.

Sie können Ihre Marke durch eine übersetzte Website von der Konkurrenz abheben. Entering a new market before your rivals can help you gain market share faster and empowers you to set the standards for quality and services that your competitors will have to meet later. 

Here are some things to consider when entering a new market before it has been thoroughly explored: 

  • Pace of growth: You will want to consider the pace at which you'll likely grow in the new market. This will help you adequately prepare for rapid growth and keep customers happy. 
  • Establishing your position: Being first allows you to entrench yourself as a market leader. This makes it harder for competitors to take from your market share by creating a wide moat that establishes you as the incumbent solution. 
  • Localizations to new Ideal Customer Profiles (ICP): It is important to localize. Be aware of the different consumer preferences in each new language, and become culturally fluent. This ensures you aren't wasting resources or turning away potential customers by clashing with local customs. Your ideal customer profile (ICP) may change, and you need to adapt to that.

5. Ihre Wettbewerber sind Ihnen einen Schritt voraus.

Möglicherweise bedient Ihre Konkurrenz bereits Online-Verbraucher in den von diesen bevorzugten Sprachen. Um auf diesen Märkten das Interesse der Verbraucher zu wecken, müssen Sie ebenfalls Ihre Website übersetzen. Glücklicherweise gibt es Übersetzungslösungen, die Ihnen einen schnellen Eintritt in neue Märkte ermöglichen. Diese bieten Ihnen Ihre Marke perfekt repräsentierende Übersetzungen und ein einzigartiges Nutzer- und Verbrauchererlebnis, durch das Sie sich von der Konkurrenz abheben können. 

By following in competitors’ footsteps, you can access information about: 

  • What languages you should target. If your competition is translating its content into Chinese and Greek, that could hint at a specific need within the Chinese and Greek communities for your company as well. 
  • What languages you should avoid. You don’t want to waste your time and money on translations that don’t lead to more revenue or better customer retention.

6. Es ist gesetzlich vorgeschrieben.

Sometimes translation is more than just best practice. Auf einigen Märkten und in einigen Branchen ist sie gesetzlich vorgeschrieben. Certain countries and regions have laws and regulations requiring language access for those who need it. Sollten Sie dieser Verpflichtung nicht nachkommen, drohen Ihnen nicht nur Geschäftsverluste, sondern ebenfalls Strafen und Bußgelder. 

Not sure if this applies to your business? See if you might be subject to fines, lawsuits, or even incarceration by neglecting your non-English speaking customers.

7. Datenanalysen beweisen es.

Untersuchen Sie Ihre Website-Analysen. You can easily access data which can reveal untapped markets that can be better served with multilingual websites. Here are some important data points to consider when deciding if your customers may need translations: 

  • Besides your domestic market, where else is visitor traffic coming from?  
  • Verbringen globale Besucher Zeit auf Ihrer Website oder wenden sie sich direkt wieder davon ab?  
  • Tätigen sie Transaktionen? Can they convert? 
  • If you translate for a secondary market, for example the US Hispanic population, will you also attract customers from other countries like Spain or Colombia? How lucrative is that? 

If you are experiencing frequent bouncing and visitors outside of your intended market, you could benefit from website translation and a greater conversion rate.

8. Sie möchten die Suchmaschinenoptimierung fördern.

Ihre Website ist weitaus mehr als nur eine Plattform für Kunden, über die diese mit Ihrer Marke interagieren und Transaktionen tätigen. Online-Inhalte fördern ebenfalls die Suchmaschinenoptimierung und steigern so das Ranking in Suchergebnissen und die Anzahl organischer Seitenzugriffe.  

Website translation can help with SEO in several ways: 

  • Increases visibility in search engines: Translating your website into multiple languages can help your website appear in search results for those languages, leading to more traffic and potentially more customers. 
  • Improves user experience: When users visit your website in their native language, they are more likely to engage with your content and stay on your website longer. This can improve your website's bounce rate and increase user engagement. 
  • Builds backlinks: Translating your website can also increase the likelihood of receiving backlinks from other websites in different languages. These backlinks can improve your website's authority and ranking in search results. 
  • Expands your target audience: Translating your website can help you reach a wider audience in different countries and regions. This can increase the potential for conversions and revenue, as well as brand awareness. 

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9. You want a boost in traffic and revenue.

Globale Nutzer, die die Sprache auf Ihrer Website nicht verstehen, werden diese nicht finden und dementsprechend auch keine Transaktionen darauf tätigen. According to a study by Common Sense Advisory, businesses that translated their content saw a 1.5% increase in revenue compared to those that did not. 

Making your content available in new languages will attract new customers, increase your website traffic, and ultimately lead to conversions. Conversions need not be limited to on-site transactions, but lead generations and on-site engagement are also meaningful. Even non-transactional websites benefit from translation in the form of completed contact forms, informational downloads, and a reduced amount of customer support call centers.  

10. Sie möchten ein einzigartiges Verbrauchererlebnis bereitstellen.

Giving your multilingual and global customers an authentic online experience is the best reason to translate your website and can incorporate any or all the reasons above. 

When you want to make new customers aware of your brand, support offerings you already provide, or do a better job of serving a market than your competitors, you do so by giving customers a CX that's just as good as your origin website's. Ihre Verbraucher haben ein herausragendes Erlebnis nicht nur verdient, sie erwarten dieses auch. Also enttäuschen Sie sie nicht. 


Did any of these reasons stand out to you? Get fast and easy website translation using a combination of artificial intelligence, translation memory, and algorithmic translation. MotionPoint’s Adaptive Translation delivers human-quality translations while saving you up to 60%.

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