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MotionPoint Platform Packages

You can enjoy MotionPoint’s concierge-level translation services through three unique platform offerings.
A La Carte Pricing
Am beliebtestenAdaptive Subscription
BYO Technology
MP Core Base
Translation Integrations
MP Core Premium
Translation Integrations
Adaptive Translation™
Translation Services
Variable - A La Carte Per Word

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The Factors of Website Translation Pricing

Website translation and localization have multiple components that influence costs.

Language Variety

Every translated language has a unique cost per word, and every website has a unique word count. To get a quote tell us the language(s) you need and the estimated word count your website has or will have.


Translation quality increases or decreases your translation costs. Be strategic, and calibrate your investment based on how sensitive each webpage is to translation quality.

Website or Web Application Complexity

MotionPoint’s solution engineering ensures translation for dynamic content such as personalization, 3rd party content or Java Script applications.

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