Accelerate testing features for multilingual projects

MotionPoint’s API sandbox is a quick and easy way to test the submission and retrieval of content for translations.

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Ensure development excellence & accuracy

Our sandbox provides an environment to ensure the successful integration of our translation services for easy deployment.

Seamless Workflow

Führt die Anfrage-/Antwort-Funktionen der Produktionsumgebung von MotionPoints API-Endpunkten mit Pseudo-Antworten für Übersetzungen aus.

Features Testing

Eine Callback-Funktion ermöglicht Benachrichtigungen bei der Fertigstellung von Übersetzungen. Deploy with confidence as all test failures occur in a safe environment.

Supported Data Format

JSON, iOS XLIFF & iOS Strings, Android XML, Angular XLIFF 1.2 & 2.0, Application Resource Bundle (.arb), Microsoft RESX, Java properties (.properties), HTML/TEXT and GIF, JPG, and PNG

Take a Deeper Dive

Want to learn more about the translation and localization industry? Check out our resource section and become an expert on all things related to a great multilingual experience.

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